Jake K.Jun 21, 2022
great program very helpful. thank you!
EyadMay 14, 2022
great course
Jason D.Apr 8, 2022
Excellent service, great content and easy to use. I required assistance with material and received assistance from two people almost immediately.
learning with level flight is an extraordinary experience. simply its second to none in Canadian aviation ground school
Jacob T.Feb 22, 2022
They have excellent online courses for students and pilots! Highly recommend!
Hannah M.May 17, 2021
PPL ground school is very thorough and easy to navigate. My favourite part of the program though is the virtual cockpit, it allows you to practice running checklists from home and without the steep…Read more...
Sunjot D.May 2, 2021
Yuheng F.Aug 8, 2022
well laid out, some bugs on chrome
Tim H.May 8, 2022
Thank you for the course. Appreciate the effort to make the material relevant and comprehensive.
Michael B.May 6, 2022
Keith D.Jan 22, 2022
Very informative PPL course along with the mock cockpit really helps with the studying. The practice exams are important to help prepare for the Transport Canada exam questions. The owner Tyler is…Read more...
Denise R.Jan 17, 2022
Level Flight made it so easy to still live out a dream to learn how to fly, even with a crazy family, work and life schedule. The support was always a click away with knowledgeable aviation experts in their field.
mohamad A.Nov 29, 2021
mohamad A.Nov 29, 2021
Steve B.Oct 22, 2021
Level flight is very adamant on getting their students the help and support needed to complete the difficult parts of the course. Highly recommend
Mateo M.Oct 6, 2021
Immersive and insightful educational content! I’d recommend Level Flight for ANYONE interested in Ground School or Student Pilot Permit Exam prep! 🙏
Leanne K.Sep 22, 2021
Working with Level Flight was awesome! Brilliant concept and professionalism. Nothing out there quite like this! Highly recommend to anyone interested in flying!!
Chris M.Sep 21, 2021
Great lessons!
Doug H.Aug 11, 2021
Great content, awesome to be able to access course materials from anywhere, anytime. Also really impressed with the Virtual Cockpit, what a good tool.
Nicholas R.Jul 15, 2021
Level Flight has a responsive and adaptive staff, and their program itself even saw some adaptations in my time. I was impressed at their desire to improve their courses, and to make the experience…Read more...
Denise H.Jun 26, 2021
Professional course that exceeded my expectations, the structured approach was easy to navigate online at my own pace with some of the best visual tools to help explain procedures. Highly recommend…Read more...
Chris and Margaret M.Jun 25, 2021
This is simply the best ground school program in Canada. I started my flight training in 2001 and completed standard classroom ground school, which took up my weekends for a few months. Then I…Read more...